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Activated through Sensual Living!

The common complaint that I hear from clients who consult with me at Vedic Synergy (specializing in Ayurveda and Spiritual Healing) is that they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This in turn makes them feel heavy and instead of enjoying life, each day is a struggle to complete their list of productive tasks until they are so tired that all they want to do is hit the bed. The entire day becomes a blur!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks at hand, find ways to delegate them or simply say no. Women often have an issue with saying no to requests and may sacrifice themselves at the cost of self-love. This can increase resentment. However, if you can live sensually, with lightness, then the emotional baggage will start to diminish, and along with it, so will your excess weight.

The main essence of this concept is to live through feelings and emotions rather than with just intellect. Start from the feelings you want to have and try to keep this as the focus—what feels good and right is what is important! Sensual living, in time, results in gratitude and a synchronicity with the Universal forces.

The best part of living in this manner as suggested in Spiritual Healing is that it creates more joy and happiness, and as those positive vibrations increase, you can attract to yourself whatever you desire with the least effort. This in turn makes you feel good—you are turned on (activated)—and you try to find ways to live sensually in everything that you do. Force and struggle diminish; joy and gratitude increase. Consequently, you become more aware of each situation, choice, and decision you make to ensure that it is in keeping with your senses and positive emotions.

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