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Sensual Living

In the present time, we live our lives by the clock where every activity becomes a goal to be achieved in order to feel productive. It is by living in this manner that we may force issues, fall into survival mode, and tend to struggle against the Universal flow. This intensifies exhaustion, anger, loneliness, restlessness, weight gain, and ill-health.

How can the above situation be changed?

The answer is Sensual Living as advised by Ayurveda and Spiritual Healing.

You are a sensual being; you can live life with passion, love, and joy and assimilate your daily experiences through your senses to feel texture and emotion, and appreciate color and vibrancy. It is a conscious action to tune yourself into the richness of the universe and increase the vibrations of your body through feelings rather than thoughts. In mindfulness, you can experience sensuality whether it is while taking your morning shower or feeling the energy flow in your body through a yoga practice.

You usually think of living sensually when you are on vacation or on the weekends—when you indulge in a massage or a decadent dessert, or take a bubble bath. During a normal work week, you may be rushing from one commitment to another, not always aware of what your body needs.

The first step is to slow down!

It is when you slow-down that you have the time to tap into your sixth sense and your sensuality. These sensibilities allow you to understand what you really desire or feel throughout the day. It is only when you take a step away from a mass of water that you can see the ripples and get a clearer view of the water’s flow. Similarly, it is when you move out of the daily race of life, and take time to feel your body, senses, mind, and emotions, that you can actually receive inner guidance.

How will it feel when your desires have been fulfilled? Will it increase your joy, happiness, peace, and fulfillment?

It is when you connect to all of your senses that you can make appropriate choices. You will be able to release your needs, let go, and surrender to the Universal flow in order to achieve a joyous life, rather than the unwavering (but ultimately narrow) vision that you may have chosen based on ego.

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