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Tips from Ayurveda on how to deal with everyday stress

One of the common concerns for my clients in my Ayurveda specific Wellness coaching is that they feel undue stress on a daily basis and sometimes it is hard to function.

In order to handle stress or a feeling of being overwhelmed, it is recommended to begin your days with a meditation. This meditative time allows you to connect with your higher Self which will guide you through your day and become a safety net – you will feel safe. The positive feelings can be increased by also doing a gratitude prayer – thankful for another day to live and enjoy the gift of life – which might not be so for another human being somewhere in the world.

A suggestion from Ayurveda is focusing on your breathing. If you are feeling overwhelmed at any point during the day, find a quiet place (even the restroom at work if there is no other place) and practice the HUM-SA breath (Pranayama), which is a slow inhale (abdomen expands) and exhale (abdomen contracts). This will immediately allow you to slow down and relieve any negative emotion or stress that you are carrying.

Another technique that is quick is to touch your heart Chakra and believe that all is well. This helps to change the thought vibration to positive and communicates the same message to the brain, bring about an immediate sense of relief.

The most important factor is to learn to live moment by moment and trust in the wisdom of the Universal force for your life – everything is happening as it should, even if you logically do not understand it. If you start to trust your I AM and question the ego mind, stress and anxiety will begin to diminish.

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