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A reforming mindset.....

being Present

Sarah seemed to have work that she was good at yet was unfulfilling, a new swanky apartment, and a decent boyfriend – yet she was unhappy. She was missing something and this lack made her feel lost.

In search of answers, she came to Vedic Synergy and after much coaching, she began a daily meditative practice and her spiritual journey. Sarah began to feel a sense of peace and calm – a feeling that no matter what she would be okay!

As her spiritual healing practice deepened, she found her mindset undergoing a transformation. She realized that true joy is has no cause -- is not dependent on external events or stimuli especially material gains. This became an eye-opener for Sarah.

In due course of time, as her mind continued it’s process of reformation to being present in every moment, Sarah found that she was starting to live a life that was light and creative – a far cry from her earlier pain. Her journey to her Highest Self had not only brought about an internal metamorphosis but also one that had an impact externally and changed her world to one that was more meaningful.

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