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Happiness vs Joy!

A conversation with a friend over the weekend raised the question that confuses many – Happiness Vs Joy. This conversation took me back to a discussion that I had with my Guru (who has now taken Samadhi) about the meaning of both terms to better understand the concept.

In spirituality it is essential to understand this difference because happiness is “relative” – it is based on our reaction to an event, person or a circumstance in life.

On the other hand, joy is uncaused – it is not based on any external stimuli – it is the essential aspect of our I AM and keeping this feeling as a constant on a moment-to-moment basis will help us remain positive. No matter what the external circumstance is this emotion helps us become more grounded to face the challenge.

In relationships with others, it is advised not put the onus on your partner to make you happy. It would be unfair and puts a lot of pressure on the other person. In addition, it is essential to remember that the other person in the relationship is undergoing change every day and growing in a similar fashion to ourselves. If one keeps this in mind, one would avoid disappointment that is linked to expectation resulting in a more fulfilling interaction.

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