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Practical Use of Spices

There has been a lot on social media and the news about the healing benefits of certain spices like Turmeric which helps with joint pain and is considered to help with those suffering from Cancer. Cinnamon on the other hand helps with reducing blood sugar and can assist in strengthening the digestive system. Coriander powder helps to cool the boy and is suggested for reducing acidity. Cumin powder deals with flatulence.

The above is enlightening to many who are starting to understand the importance of holistic health and age-old wisdom like Ayurveda but the practical application may be a bit confusing.

Most of these spices can be used in cooked vegetables, soups, curries, stews that you cook at home. Adding turmeric in hot milk and honey helps with a sore throat as a home-made remedy as well. Cinnamon can be consumed as a drink with fresh ginger.

As an example, if you are making soup for four servings, you can add different spices in varying ratios – using turmeric vs coriander powder in the ratio of 0.5:1.00 tsp respectively.

The main point being that the continued use of spices over time will have a healing benefit for your overall health.

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