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Ayurveda and Color Healing

Color healing goes back over 5000 years and a common use of color in ancient India was used in both foods and gemstones that were used for adornment and therapy.

Each color has a specific vibration and can cause cellular and hormonal changes bringing the body back into balance.

Some examples are:

Red is the color related to blood and heat. It promotes good circulation, and energizes both the nervous system.

Caution: Too much red can cause an excess of Pitta in the body, possibly resulting in inflammation.

Orange is warm and healing. It encourages sexual stimulation, which can be transformed into spiritual energy for those who are celibate. Orange also helps with congestion problems and dull skin.

Yellow stimulates understanding and thought. Yellow also represents an absence of ego.

Caution: Too much yellow however can lead to problems in the small intestine.

Green is connected to the heart bringing calm and soothing happiness.

Caution: Too much of this vibrational energy can create gallbladder stones.

Blue is the color for stimulating consciousness. It is both calming and cooling on the body and mind. Blue vibrational energy can be used for skin pigmentation problems and liver disorders.

Violet vibrational energy brings awakening and awareness of spiritual energy. The body feels light, and the mind is able to perceive the subtle.

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