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Crystals and Crystal Healing

The use of crystals for healing has continued from ancient times and the older civilizations believed in the magic of gemstones for this purpose. It is not different in India where the use of crystals for good health, fortune, wealth, and higher energies has been prescribed by Gurus, astrologers, and the doctors since olden days. In fact, crystals were worn in jewelery pieces for beauty as well as healing effects.

So how do these crystals actually impart healing?

The crystal or gemstones are believed to be pure energy in physical form and the application or use of these stones bring more positive light and color to our individual aura. Each living being has an energy circle around them that is called the “Aura” and depending on the health of the aura is visible to those who can read energy vibrations (like Gurus and the Ayurvedacharya) would be of different colors. Crystals were prescribed to reduce any negative aspects in the aura. In fact, crystal healing is a process of bringing the individual energy field into perfect alignment.

Where are these Crystals found?

Crystals are found in cavities deep in the earth’s surface called ‘pegmatites’. The varying chemical composition of the earth (magma) forms different crystals through a natural process of transformation over a number of years. Diamonds are found in a magma called ‘kimberlite’ and are a crystallized form of pure carbon. Sapphires are found in magma which is rich in Iron and Magnesium whereas Amethysts are found in the cavities left by gas bubbles in the solidified form of molten lava.

What are crystals used for in Ayurveda?

Chakras are used as an accompanying healing tool for balancing the Chakras. Some examples of the effect of crystals are below:

  • Hematite – is used for the base chakra to provide an grounding and balancing effect which would strengthen the physical and etheric bodies.

  • Jade – is used to dispel negativity and bring calm to the solar plexus chakra.

  • Lapiz Lazuli – known to be one of the most powerful stones from ancient times is used on the third eye chakra as its effect can help open all the chakras. It is protective stone, expands awareness, and assists in day-to-day life.

Overall, crystals allow one to gain understanding, complete karmic cycles, learn invaluable spiritual lessons in order to bring about personal empowerment.

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