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The concept of Letting Go....

The year 2018 is a transformative year for many and is making each of us think about what works and does not in our lives. This process has been influenced greatly by the energy transits in the sky – the Full Moon at the end of January and the New Moon in mid-February.

One of the interesting aspects of this individual focus is on all our relationships and many are trying to deal with relationship issues – whether they are love, sibling, friend, or work relationships. The full moon transit has the impact of enabling us to see what does not work and move away from the same. However, during the process, it does leave a bit of emotional residue – the hurts being caused, the mental trauma, and the deep seated feeling of being betrayed which raises the age old of question of Letting Go.

How does one really let go? How can one forget and move forward seems to be a common query?

At the outset it is essential for all of us to realize that we are all spiritual beings in human form on this earth and are here to go through our karmic lessons. Therefore all relationships – good or bad – that we encounter are to teach us something. Those who are with us for a long time are meant to be and are a beautiful gift (this could be anyone – your spouse, sibling, or a dear friend), where those who we meet for a short time have been attracted by our soul into our lives to learn a lesson both to complete a karmic cycle and grow spiritually. If we can train ourselves to see all interactions (and I know it is not easy) from this perspective, it will enable us to easily let go and forgive.

A wise Guru whom I had the honor of meeting a few years ago, explained that letting go is simple as opening our palms and letting go of what we are holding. The key is to really make up our mind and allowing our emotions to do so too. It is only when we are determined to let go internally and open to the idea that we can surrender that hurt or betrayal to the Universe for healing at our own pace, that we can undertake the action of letting go. It is just that simple. We are protected by the Universe and there is no requirement for us to take actions of revenge or get back to someone who may have inadvertently (through their ego selves) hurt us. It is at this point of realization that we can truly let go, forgive, and not allow that toxic energy to control us.

Each moment that we are given is a gift from the Universe and spending that moment in holding on to an angry thought or a toxic feeling of hate/revenge is truly wasting that precious time as it will never return. In short, we can visualize letting go of the pain just as simply as we visualize opening our closed fist and releasing what we are holding in the palm of our hands.

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