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The search for Happiness

Can someone else be responsible for my happiness?

A very interesting pattern has emerged in the discussions that I have had with a number of people over the years where relationships are concerned…..

Most people are looking to others to make them happy – the wife looks to the husband to increase her happiness on a daily basis and will complain if he does not actually do the actions that she is hoping for or expects. Sometimes, the woman will look to her children to bring her the happiness that she craves and in fact this has been the question that I have heard pregnant women state both in their state of delirious excitement and fear – will this child bring me happiness in the long-term?

In my day job in the corporate world, I have worked with men in my teams and in due course of time, I have found men openly complain about their wives (at work which is technically a public space) or indicate how unhappy they feel in the relationship.

The above has often made me raise the age-old question -- Can we look to another to be happy and put the responsibility on another?

The answer from those with more experience or wiser state categorically is a resounding “No!” The responsibility of being happy or blissful lies with oneself.

The above definitely does provide clarity but does not indicate how this can be achieved?

The “how” has been answered in the ancient texts, by spiritual Gurus, that in spirituality and spiritual healing lies the wisdom of how one can become more joyous and blissful. It is in discovering your true self and connecting with your soul/higher self/I AM can one break the dependence on another for true bliss. It is also living on a moment-to-moment basis where we can find a passionate experience of the Self while being completely in that moment. We are then able to immerse in life and detach from the thoughts in our mind cause fluctuation and pain.

Meditation helps us to center ourselves and connect to that deeper place where we can experience much peace, joy, and calm. There are some (whose chakras may be very imbalanced) or are having a hard time to get into the meditative practice need some help – where spiritual healing as a practice comes in. Our aim at Vedic Synergy is to provide the initial support to those who wish to get to this place of physical, emotional, and psychological balance.

The ultimate aim is to allow them to become independent to deepen their spiritual practice and find true happiness and joy in themselves!

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