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Crystal Healing

Spiritual healing would be incomplete without the use of crystals and gemstones. This is not a new concept but has been used from ancient times. Gemstones are technical derived from the earth’s magma and are influenced by the minerals found in a particular area.

Different gemstones have diverse effects on the mind and body but their main purpose is to bring the body’s physical and auric energy into perfect alignment. The stones impact the aura (which surrounds each living being in the Universe) by raising light energy to increase positivity.

Let us take the example of the Agate gemstone that comes in different shades and colors. The main effect of Agate is to bring about an alignment between the mind and body, increases inner strength and the ability to understand the reality of circumstances and accept them. Agate is known to be useful for grounding and rooting one to the earth, activate the base Chakra to increase the body’s physical energy.

On an emotional plane, Agate enables those suffering with Cancer to recognize negative patterns so that they can deal with them. This stone is known to help remove blocks from the emotional and physical body. At a psychological level, Agate can be used on the crown Chakra to heal where it slows down the fast moving energies that can disorient and disrupt the mental body.

The above is just one stone which has an amazing healing influence- there are others like Amethysts which can be used to not only protect the home and immediate environment but also to calm overworked, over-stressed minds making it an effective healing tool for those suffering with nervous disorders.

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