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Karmic relationships and Healing!

The experience of living in New York City is amazing as it is probably the largest single population in the world. The positive impact of this is that it keeps everyone feeling young. The downside can include stories of pain, rejection, and trying relationships.

The above has been more evident during the energy shifts both spiritually and astrologically in the past few years. The current climate has brought out beautiful stories of people meeting there twin flames and soul mates but also has raised the agonizing experiences of karmic relationships ties that did not work out.

Those who have had to undergo the intense pain from the breakup of these karmic relationships have actively searched for solace and understanding – more importantly to heal! There is so much pain, heartbreak, dullness in the chest in these karmic relationships that it can stifle and demoralize an individual in their lives – enough to have a negative flow on the rest of their lives.

It is true that love is an emotion that makes the world go around, so imagine what happens to the person who has faced a heartbreak that is beyond imagination – as the karmic partner may have been from a previous life or someone with whom they have an un-explainable intense connection.

During their search a number have found Vedic Synergy for spiritual healing and we are honored to be part of their wellness journey – to support them get clarity on the spiritual reason of why they experienced what they did and their resulting growth. It is during the overall process that the client gains a view into the wisdom of the Universe and the realization that all was for their soul’s development – in doing this – the client/spiritual being learns more about herself than they ever imagined.

It is in getting an insight into their past and the karmic relationship through a spiritual lens and overcoming the residue caused by the karmic relationship breakup is where they truly assimilate the statement – rise like a Phoenix!

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