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The absence of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is where there is a focus on empathy, personal interactions, motivation, and self-esteem where we are aware of our own and others’ emotions and emotional well-being.

It is when we listen to the concerns of another and really intuitively understanding their pain- really listening without judgments, sometimes listening in-between the lines or words where they may try to hide their pain and not just hearing! In allowing others to express themselves in safe space without any judgments, makes them feel less alone and more connected to another.

It is having empathy for another who is going through a difficult time by being present to their life condition providing motivation, encouragement that increases their self-esteem. This helps them find the way and increases their faith in the Universe which raises hope. It is essential to be aware of our actions and not do anything in front or behind the person’s back due to one’s own insecurities that might be hurtful to the other or make them feel worse.

Really, isn’t it the truth that we all just want to feel more validated, respected, and loved?

In the absence of emotional intelligence, we will be driven by only by our egos which will only increase conflict, distrust, and ultimately make us feel disconnected, isolated, and lonely – resulting in a negative way of living.

How does this absence actually serve each of us and our world?

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