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The Common Thread..

One of the best aspects of a coaching practice is that one gets the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people who have interesting life perspectives, hobbies, choices, careers, lifestyles, dress, food habits, relationships, priorities. Each person is so individual and unique that it is amazing to sit back and see how each person’s life continues to unfold as the coaching sessions continue.

The one aspect that is evident with all clients is that we are all one and the same irrespective of our diversity. We are all tied with one common thread – that of wanting to find peace, joy, and love in life. Nothing else really matters. The primary force that motivates most is to be happy – truly happy – from both within and out. Each one is searching for their life goals to drive them to happiness, which is interesting. We all initially share this common thread where we use external events/markers to find happiness which is achieved in relation to events but is transient. Then there is a feeling of loss and sadness.

The first step in spiritual healing is realizing that true bliss starts on the inside – it is an internal process – when we learn to look on the inside and live in the present consistently, it leads to bliss. So this is also a good time to make the true distinction between “happiness” and “bliss”. Happiness is based on an external event but bliss is uncaused and therefore more lasting.

In conclusion, when all of us will learn to look inwards we will be able to find that “common thread” that we are searching for and hold it over time.

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