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The use of our senses in the Healing process….

In the present times, many are raising the question of the true definition of success and like other aspects of life, the answer is truly personal. The responses have ranged from true love to a million dollars and high living, but when the respondents were asked to go deeper in their perspectives, the collective response was less stress, healing, and inner peace. Healing is a process and all our senses become active participants:

a) Vision – one of the most effective methods of using vision to heal any negative feeling is when you see a scenic view in nature. Take for example you are taking a walk in the mountains during the day. As you explore the countryside, you see the beautiful rays of sunlight fall directly on a field of daisies, where the specific solar rays fall on the flower petals, highlighting the by creating a shiny reflection. Just magnificent! This immediately causes an inspirational feeling of awe in one’s mind and body raising the positive vibrations.

b) Sound – another method that is definitely healing. If you go into a room of holistic practitioners chanting “OM” – the collective sound reverberates throughout the room and within each person affecting the energy deep within the abdomen, rising up.

c) Touch – We are all aware that love is the energy that makes the world go around, but isn’t it more effective when we are taken into someone’s arms and given a hug? What then does that hug do- how does it really affect the individual energy? Receiving a hug gives us a sense of warmth both externally and internally within our hearts. It immediately makes one feel safe and comfortable. The giver of the hug feels wonderful in making another feel secure because love is really about “giving”.

There are a number of tools that can be used to affect the senses like crystals, counseling, drawing collages or journalling, and music. Each of these tools are related to one or more of the senses mentioned above which in turn has the ability to affect complete healing of the mind-body-soul.

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