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Are you a hoarder?

Hoarding is considered to be a disorder – it is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition and the inability or unwillingness to discard objects from the home. Hoarding not only negatively affects the hoarder but also their family and friends. Sometimes, hoarding can become so intense that it can affect the hygiene considerations in the home and cause other health issues.

Hoarders are aware that their behavior is irrational but the emotional attachment to objects exceeds their logical reasoning powers.

In some cases, hoarding is connected to depression, but often it is related to the fact that the hoarder is trying to gain happiness through objects and material goods. After all, happiness is not uncaused. In order to break this attachment, it would be recommended for the hoarder to investigate at a deeper level the cause of this habit.

Is there a feeling of being unsafe in the physical world or your emotional world? Has anything happened to have affected your self-confidence? Sometimes the need to satisfy ourselves with material things and to hoard is a way of self-gratification which hides some deep feelings of fear and not being grounded emotionally. It could be related to imbalances in the Root chakra.

A blocked root chakra results in behavior and actions influenced by fear and insecurity. Sometimes when this imbalance becomes overactive, it can also lead to greed. In order to remove the imbalances from the root chakra, take steps to get closer to the

th to increase your sense of being grounded. A walk in park, gardening, be mindful of every step you take to experience being drawn further into the earth. To overcome any feeling of lack, do not focus only on your bank account, but on the wealth in many other areas of your life – your family, friends, kind neighbors, good managers, and give thanks.

In the final analysis, putting some thought on your aspirations and dreams will help to create a sense of purpose and increase the motivation to accomplish your goals.

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