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Happiness & the Blissful nature of the Self

a) How is it possible that a person who has everything in the world is not happy but one who has nothing can be happy?

The Vedic text – the Upanishads indicates that the source of happiness is the I AM/highest Self (Atma) – it lies within.

The above advice is not what we generally see in play. Most people tend to experience happiness through external stimuli. This is due to the mind. The mind always chases external objects to find happiness. However, when one who focuses inwards and realizes the blissful nature of the highest Self will become free and will not chase material things and constant hoarding.

b) If bliss lies within, then why do people run after the external world and objects?

It is because one loves himself – whatever a person desires like money or power – these are just means which one desires for the sake of one’s happiness. A person gives up even his most cherished object or relationship, if that object or relationship becomes the cause of misery.

The above is indicative of the fact that so much love for oneself is itself a proof of the blissful nature of the highest Self, otherwise the world would have preferred misery. However, due to our ignorance about our true blissful nature, we keep on chasing the world or material things in the hope that they would give us some small joys.

c) Is the desire for joy itself the cause of the blissful nature of the highest Self ?

Yes –why we keep searching for joys throughout our lives and fail to look within wherein exists our bliss.

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