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Insights from Nature

As stated in the Upanishad, there was a self-realized individual who took nature to be his Guru to move away from ignorance and get a better understanding of life and spirituality.

Some of his observations are illustrated below:

a) The earth holds everyone, gives everyone equal support. Accept everyone on an equal basis. I learnt this from the earth.

b) From Space I learnt that the Self is omnipresent just like space is – unaffected by anything, it remains in its own state.

c) As the sun’s reflection appears different in different containers, in the same way, the whole world are various reflections of the same Self (Atma).

d) Just as a python doesn’t wander about in search of a prey, a seeker of knowledge should not wander about in search of joy.

e) As an ocean usually does not cross its boundaries, similarly a wise one should not transgress one’s ethical limits.

f) The honey bee spends its time in collecting honey, but it is the apiarist (honey gatherer) who usually either uses it himself or sells it for money. Taking this into consideration, I have learnt that one should not spend time in collecting things but should use the time for introspection.

g) A fish gets hooked due to the bait on the hook. A human being can closely observe this and understand that one gets into trouble primarily due to temptations.

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