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Energy Vibrations and Internal Shifts to Personal Happiness

There have been many energy shifts/eclipses in the past few months which may have impacted those looking to find their partners in their personal lives. The shifts also brought about clarifications in thinking/mindset.

Singles looking for their life partner may have had to experience some lessons from the Universe in terms of empathy, compassion, self-love, esteem, and clarity of one’s deepest needs. Some had to learn this the hard way, through toxic relationships and difficult circumstances.

In time, with the lessons learnt and the pain dissipating, there were those who started their healing process by digging deep and looking inwards and find themselves/I AM.

It is through this process that they were able to raise their energy vibration and start healing their hearts. However, more importantly, it brought about the treasured realization of one’s own value and uniqueness enhancing self-love.

The spiritual healing transition from a sense of deception to growing strength, a sense of feeling whole, which leads to attracting and manifesting the right partner/soulmate. The whole experience being nothing short of Rising like a Phoenix!

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