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Sexual Empowerment

The word Tantra comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words—Tanoti (expansion) and Treyati (liberation). Tantra believes that each woman is the Goddess Shakti, and the male form is Shiva.

The Tantric process is about self-love, trusting the inner self as a spiritual being, having a positive body image, and becoming empowered in all ways, including sexual empowerment.

A sexually empowered person is one who is comfortable with herself and her body. Her sexuality is her ally where she can identify her own wants, and ensure that her needs are satisfied in an intimate relationship as an equal.

She is the epitome of Goddess Shakti and she uses clean food, Ayurveda, Spirituality, and Tantra to restore her natural balance. This allows her to connect to her own sensual and sexual energy at a deep level, so she comes to love her curves irrespective of body weight. She becomes completely desirable! She is valued, whole, and worthy of love in the truest sense.

On the other hand, sexual objectification, which is quite common nowadays, is about getting attention from the opposite sex more from the point of neediness - when one dresses inappropriately or seeks external gratification in every step of her life.

There are two ways this manifests – those who want attention by exposing more of their body than needed, taking away any mystery for the observer. The other (for example, having undergone a conservative Catholic school training) way, is to cover the entire body in a manner that suppresses her curves and sexuality.

The tides are changing, and women are reconnecting to their feminine energy and sexuality increasing her confidence internally and externally. She does not suppress the opposite sex or others in the world; rather, she chooses to motivate and empower them with truth and understanding.

It is the highest realization of feminine. The sexual and sensual energy becomes a creative force, which in turn provides passion to achieve what she aims for in her life.

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