How to be mentally happy!

  • Consciously try to stay away from people who live off your positive energy while poisoning you with negative energy.

  • Take control of your life and don’t hand the reins to others.

  • Be with those who lift you up not put you down.

  • It is better to be alone and move away from anything that is negative or destructive. It is worse to be lonely than be alone. Be strong!

  • Remember you are unique or worthy. Not everyone will be able to recognize this but that is okay.

  • Focus on your journey and your goals!

  • Know your needs and your wants. Do not let anyone tell you that they are not important or valid.

  • Believe in yourself and know your strengths.

  • Don’t settle out of desperation. Settling means accepting less than you hoped for – which stems out of fear and insecurity.

  • There’s a reason why people come into life and leave – do not let this de-stabilize you. Trust your intuition!

#happy #positiveenergy

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