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Health - Ayurveda

Ayurveda helps in the maintenance of the metabolic equilibrium of the human psychosomatic machine and the restoration of the same to normalcy. The anatomy and physiology of a person is controlled by the Tridosha which helps to ascertain the person's constitution.

The body and tissues are seen as metabolic pathways contributing to the functioning and nourishment as a whole. Ayurveda is most concerned with perfecting the bio-rhythm and metabolism -- the process of breaking down and building up of cellular structures -- in the formation and maintenance of tissues.

If Agni (the fire) in the body is weakened, ama or toxins are created, which in turn, make the dosha toxic (Samdosha). The toxic dosha aggravates the disease in the body. The primary concern is the quality of the Agni or digestive fire which initially needs to be restored to a balanced state. The next step is work on the dosha imbalance. Any of the elements in the dosha that have increased or reduced would need to be brought back to normalcy or equilibrium.

Health according to Ayurveda, is being inwardly in balance and outwardly in harmony with the environment and the laws of nature.

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