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Did the ancients in Atlantis know about this?

The colors that fall on a prism break up into a myriad of rays, the seventh one of which is Violet in color. According to the ancients, there are three flames that are manifested in our hearts - Blue (Divine Will), Golden (Divine Wisdom), and Pink (Divine Love). The combination of the Pink and Blue flames produces the Violet Flame or Fire --- a high frequency spiritual energy that resides in the HIgher Self. It is the flame of forgiveness, mercy, and balances Karma.

It is considered to be the highest alchemy that converts human consciousness into higher power and was known to the ancients in the old civilization of Atlantis. It is believed that this Violet Fire flows from the hands of St. Germain and he is known to be the sponsor for the Age of Aquarius! Arch Angel Zadkiel directs the flame and Ascendant Master Omri-Tas will bless the recipient's healing time 10 times over if he focuses with sincere devotion on the Violet flame for 15 minutes.

It is known to be so powerful as to affect all four layers of the body - physical, mental, etheric, and astral. The Violet Flame is based on the concept of vibration. It dramatically increases your vibrational frequency and if performed with true intent and concentration, the Violet Fire energy can permeate every cell and atom in the body and spins out negative thoughts, emotions and ailments in your body. Any negatives thoughts and feelings which cause emotional problems can be fixed using this healing technique.

Yesterday, a client and myself called on this higher healing energy in our visualization during our session in unison and what was amazing was that we both felt a cosmic clearing, a flow of positive light as we increased the tempo of the healing mantra resulting in expansiveness in our heart chakra bringing peace, joy, and more mental creativity.

We welcome you to come and try the power of the Violet Flame vibration -- it is offered by Vedic Synergy in New York as part of the spiritual healing services.

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