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Aura - The Colors and Meanings

Every living being in the Universe emits energy and has a pattern. This radiation is known as “Aura”. The elation or unease one feels when they first meet another person is caused by the Aura – you are in harmony or in not. The aura that is visible extends from about a few centimeters to a meter around the body. The light is composed of the 7 colored rays – each conveying a distinct message or emotion that the color represents. The color and strength of the Aura is indicative of the unique Ojas, Tejas and Prana of the individual.

Color of Aura: Red

Meaning: Anger, anxiety, nervousness.

Color of Aura: Yellow

Meaning: Awakening, inspiration, optimistic, intelligence.

Color of Aura: Orange

Meaning: Vitality, good-health, creativity, courage, stamina, outgoing.

Color of Aura: Green

Meaning: Growth, balance, love for nature.

Color of Aura: Blue

Meaning: Caring, Loving, Intuitive.

Color of Aura: Indigo

Meaning: Intuitive, deep feelings, related to the Third eye.

Color of Aura: Violet

Meaning: Magical, Intuitive, Visionary.

Color of Aura: Silver

Meaning: Abundance, awakening to the Cosmic mind.

Color of Aura: Gold

Meaning: Divine Guidance, wisdom, spiritual mind, inner knowledge.

Color of Aura: Black

Meaning: Long-term un-forgiveness towards others, past life hurt, health problems.

Color of Aura: White

Meaning: Spiritual, transcendent, purity, truth, higher dimensions.

Pure state, spiritual, transcendent, higher dimensions, purity, truth. It can also indicate that a person is pregnant or will be soon.

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