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Kapha Persona - characteristics

All human beings in the world have both positive and negative aspects to their personalities. Kapha individuals are usually known to be loving and generous in nature. They have certain specific characteristics as part of their persona. These characteristics can be divided into three groups:


Persons with a dominant Kapha constitution tend to have long-lasting relationships and friendships. They are warm and tend to be tactile in their interactions with others. Kapha individuals tend to be slow and sweet in their communication. They are adjusting in nature, however, they can be slow to learn new things.


Kapha persons have excellent strength and endurance. They can take on difficult situations and plow through the process using their excellent physical and mental endurance capabilities.

Mind and Thoughts

Kapha individuals are stable and calm in their mind and often focus on long-term plans and results. They also have long-term memory but may be slow learners compared to the other constitutions.

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