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Pitta Persona - Charasteristics

All human beings in the world have both positive and negative aspects to their personalities. Pitta individuals are usually known to be perfectionists and have certain specific characteristics as part of their persona. These characteristics can be divided into three groups:


Persons with a dominant Pitta constitution tend to make friends that are more associated with their occupation. They maintain their relationships through actions or gifts. Pitta are very sharp, succinct, and clear in their communications and have a moderate understanding of people and situations.


Pitta individuals have good endurance and their strength is better than that of the average individual. They are usually on the ‘go’ and tend to have less patience as they feel the need to accomplish much during their day.

Mind and Thoughts

Pitta individuals have been blessed with a highly sharp and intelligent mind and tend to be aggressive in nature. They are also lucky to have been granted a good memory capacity which aids them in getting their daily tasks done.

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