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Pointers from Ayurveda for Sleep

Some Pointers from Ayurveda with regards to Sleep:

  • Sleep enhances Ojas or immunity (life-supporting force in the body)

  • It is the master coordinator between the body, mind, and the spirit

  • Acts as a shock absorber – insulates the mind from day-to-day stress

  • Lack of proper sleep will affect your eating instincts and result in irregular bowel movements

  • Sleeping during the day increases Kapha and can produce Ama or toxins in the body (exception: sleep in the day if you have been awake all night)

  • Sleeping when you are hungry is not good for health.

  • Short naps are good for Vata individuals

  • Sleeping on the left side will help digestion

  • Sleeping sitting up is alert sleep

  • Sleeping on the right side can be relaxing and allowed for short timespan

  • Sleeping on the back disturbs Vata and harms the brain

  • Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended as it disturbs the entire digestive system and prevents healthy breathing.

  • The suggestion is to sleep with the head facing the east and the feet facing the west (for a good meditative sleep)

  • Do not cover your face while sleeping as it disturbs the breathing process and you will inhale your own de-oxidized air

  • Prior to sleeping wash your hands, feet, and face. You can massage your feet with a little oil to relax and meditate to remove any negative energies

  • Get calm, relax, meditate before you sleep.

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