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Suggestions on Kapha's Yoga Practice

Ayurveda makes the following suggestions for Kapha constitution individuals to focus on during their Yoga practice:

  • Practice at an intense page.

  • Focus on the subtlety of the pose and how it creates expansion of the energy.

  • Practice in a warm space and use a strong breath during the practice.

  • When you ready to release the breath, take one more breath.

  • Have an upward gaze.

  • Keep your shoulders and chest open.

  • Pause for a moment between the inhalations and exhalations. Take short periods of rest between poses.

  • Challenge yourself and keep moving.

  • Be precise in your poses and focus on alignment.

  • Enjoy a restorative and relaxing pose at the end.

If you are unsure of your constitution and would like to explore the wellness guidance once we have made the determination, please contact us at

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