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Suggestions on Vata's Yoga Practice

Ayurveda makes the following suggestions for Vata constitution individuals to focus on during their Yoga practice:

  • Practice at a slow and steady pace.

  • Use gentle and fluid movements such as the rotation in the joints and extension.

  • Focus on moving from the power center from below your navel.

  • Do multiple repetitions and hold each pose for a short period of time.

  • At the time of performing the pose, imagine that you are moving through warm water to increase your fluidity.

  • Focus on increasing your inhalation during each pose.

  • Ground yourself to the floor/earth using your big toes.

  • Try to engage your whole body by hugging your muscles to the bones to feel the movement of the pose on a holistic level.

  • Try not to overdo the poses that can cause exhaustion.

  • A restorative practice is preferable for Vata individuals.

  • Stay warm.

  • Be focused and present during your yoga practice.

  • You may need to relax more after your yoga practice using the Savasana posture.

If you are unsure of your constitution and would like to explore the wellness guidance once we have made the determination, please contact us at

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