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The Three Gunas

The mind has a constitution similar to the physical body. The three psychological constitutions are Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic.


•Intelligent, has clarity, good memory


•Peaceloving, calm, gentle, compassionate, gentle, kind, and able to share

•Good planners and focused on duty without expectations

•Spiritually inclined with positive energy

•See life as a learning process

•Treat all with respect - they do not dominate or control

•Honesty is their main objective


•Innovatively creative

•Dominating and controlling

•Memory changes with time and situation

•Like power, authority, fame, wealth

•Enjoy food, sex, color, music, and art

•Distracted and bored quickly

•Dynamic, ambitious, brave, determined

•Jealous, egoistic, anger, envy

•Selfish, proud, manipulative.


•Lazy, poor memory, unknown fears

•No respect for others

•Selfish and stubborn

•Not prone to hard work or intellectual habits

•Prone to eating, sleeping, sex, drinking, idleness

•Never take any initiative and not honest

•Do not appreciate love

•Complain about others and everything around them

•Do not try to change their lifestye

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