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The Importance of Sound Energy in Healing

In the ancient Vedic texts, there has been much importance given to the sense of sound for healing. In the Bhagavad Gita for example, as taken from the interpretation of Steven Robertson, “In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word, and the Word was Brahman and Brahman said this world shall be and the world came into being.”

The concept of word here is the sacred sound of OM which is considered to be essence of God that led to the creation of the Universe/Brahman. The verbal expression of OM done at differing depth levels can be felt as different energy vibrations in your body from the throat to the depths of your abdomen and bring about an activation in these organs. The deeper the OM sound, the more you are able to connect to your abdomen. [Please try this for yourself for the experience].

In the Vedic ages, in addition to the sound of OM, there was the use of Mantras and Bhajans (devotional songs in praise of God). If you are entirely in the present moment while singing the hymn you will find that it will actually have both a physiological impact on your body along with an emotional one raising feelings of compassion, love, desire, and forgiveness that can bring tears to your eyes. The elevation of the feeling of love through this sacred sound therapy enables the opening of the heart completely.

If we look to Science to understand the above experience, there is the Law of Sympathetic Vibration in Physics as explained by Steven Robertson: take two acoustical (string-type) musical instruments, such as a piano, violin, or guitar, and place them near one another. As the string on instrument A is struck, the vibration from that instrument will resonate and carry across the room striking the strings on the untouched instrument B causing it to vibrate. Similarly, it is this law that explains how the performance of an sacred or emotional song can transfer its emotional essence to the listener.

Why is the Sound energy in music so important?

An individual’s emotional, physical, and spiritual healing all begins from self-love. Any music that promotes the concept of love will open up the heart and the mind in the body to bring about healing.


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