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Why is the Lotus important in Vedic Spirituality?

The Chakras, the main energy circles in the body are aligned along the Sushumna nadi in the body, and specifically other than the Crown and Root chakras, the rest are connected to the Ida and Pingla nadis which run along the Sushumna nadi. The Ilda and Pingala nadis connect the chakras to the body organs and can be related to the stalk of the lotus. Each chakra denoted as a lotus have a finite number of petals which co-relate to the energy frequency which are balanced on a vibration level by the associated mantras, more specifically known as the Beej Mantras.

The various chakras in the body as described above appear as the lotus but with differing number of petals for example, the Heart Chakra has 12 petals whereas the Crown chakra as a 1000.

Why is the lotus considered important or auspicious in the Vedic texts/spirituality and is a significant part of our energy or non-physical body?

The lotus is a symbol of duality and exceeding ordinary experience. The bud in the lotus represents potentiality, the petals spiritual understanding, and the stem being rooted in the earth. It grows in unclean, murky waters but is a symbol of purity, transformation, and resurrection.

The energy of blossoming comes from within similar to the lotus. It comes from within one’s body and can be used to connect to one’s spirit – the “I AM”, the real “I” which is responsible for healing and inner transformation. Only when the inner transforms, can there be external transformation. It is symbolic of the duality – the “i” and the “I” –one representing the individual consciousness and the other higher consciousness”.

If we take the above concept from the perspective of the Lotus in the Chakras, when the bud is closed we have the potential to rise above our imbalances and blossom into a truer version of ourselves connected to our higher I AM. Take the example of the Solar Plexus bud is opened, the petals vibrating at a frequency due to the beej mantras - the rise of spiritual understanding connecting us to our I AM – we are able to blossom and stand in our power, have a higher self-love and self-esteem.

In addition to the beej mantras to balance the Chakras, another way to bring about effective spiritual growth is through meditation. This allows awareness to increase and to receive information from other dimensions which aids in the opening of the lotus buds and petals in our energy vortexes.

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