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Higher Knowledge from the Vedas

Who knows the Seer? Who sees the Self?

No one’s help is required to see the Self. Just the way the sun does not need a lamp for light. It is self-illuminating.

What is ignorance (Avidya)?

Ignorance is considering non-Self to be the Self, considering the unchangeable as variable, and considering this world as “real”.

What is Knowledge (Vidya)?

Atma’s knowledge is Vidya. It is that which frees us from all sorrows, pain, bondage, conflict, illusions and fantasies. Vidya is that which frees us from the feeling of duality, the idea that we are two individuals, the idea that we are separate, that “you” and “I” are different. Vidya gives us insight with which one is able to recognize one’s nature as Brahman/Higher Self/I AM.

What is the process of realizing Brahman?

There are two ways to realize Brahman-

a) Know what is not Brahman – to exclude that which is not Brahman. After excluding all forms, names, qualities, flaws, variables- getting to know the one who is Changeless (Nirvikara)

b) Recognize the truth just the way it is – the nature of existence. It was and is Brahman. That is why I am Brahman, you are Brahman, all of us are Brahman.

What are the traits of a Man of Realization (Brahma Gyani)?

If anyone claims that he has realized Brahman, then actually he has not. As soon as one realizes Brahman, the conceit of having realized Brahman vanishes.

Can Brahman be known through logic, prayer, yoga?

Logic, devotion, prayer and reflection all help in the realization of Brahman.

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