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Knowledge from the Vedas

What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life is to understand that consciousness is free from the limitations of life and death. Understanding that itself is called Liberation.

What are the causes of birth?

Unfulfilled desires and the results of one’s actions.

Who is free from the bondage of life and death?

The one who has realized one’s own Self (Atma).

Why are there sorrows in the world?

Greed, selfishness, and fear are the causes of sorrow in the world.

Who creates sorrows?

Man creates sorrows and joys by his own thoughts and actions.

What is the nature of Parmatma?

Parmatma is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). That formless one alone expresses Himself in all forms.

What is fate?

It is the result of every action, every act. Result can be either good or bad. The result itself is Fate. Today’s effort is tomorrow’s Fate.

What is the secret of Joy and Peace?

Truth, good conduct, love and forgiveness are causes of Joy. Giving up untruth, bad conduct, hatred, and anger leads to Peace.

What is true love?

Seeing one’s own Self in everyone is true love. Seeing ones own Self as one with all is true love.

Then why doesn’t one love everyone?

The one who cannot see the Self in everyone cannot love all.

What is attachment in love?

Attachment is when there is demand, expectation, possessiveness in love.

Who is intelligent?

The one who has discrimination is intelligent.

Who is sleeping even when awake?

The one who has not realized the Self is sleeping even when awake.

What is fleeting like water on a lotus leaf?

Youth, wealth, and life.

What is liberation? Detachment is liberation.

What are the causes of misfortune?

Arrogance and ego.

Who can end all sorrows?

The one who is willing to renounce all.

Who conquers the world?

The one who has truth and faith.

How is it possible to be free from fear?

It is possible through detachment.

What is ignorance?

The one who has a lack of self-knowledge.

What is that which exists as well as does not exist?


What is Maya?

The perishable world of names and forms.

What is most important in relationships?

Compassion and respect is most important

What is the Ultimate Truth?

Brahman or the Absolute is the Ultimate Truth. Also known as the I AM!

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