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Karma Yoga

In the Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna speaks of “Nishkarma” yoga –selfless devotion and doing all actions/work as an offering to the Lord without any concern about the outcome. In the moment of doing your karma, to use your faculties for the action as your duty/dharma as a sacrifice/offering to the Eternal Master without thought of a gain.

It is when we do action without any notion of reward, we can break the cycle of cause of effect that binds us to the material or ego world – it allows us to transcend in the non-material world towards the final goal of enlightenment.

There are some pointers to allow for the above.

A) Meditation – to find the union between the Atma and the Paramatma. It is through this practice, that one can attain the level of becoming Stithpragya – the state where one has equilibrium and is not influenced by the obstacles or difficulties that may come forth in our paths of karma (action). Meditation when done over a period of time allows for detachment which frees us from feelings like anxiousness, worry, fear, and anger. One’s internal light becomes steady.

B) In following the path of Karma Yoga where every action is an offering to the Supreme, you allow yourself to have a steady mind that is not run by either one’s wishes/desires or disappointments. We can become more balanced in dealing with the highs and lows.

C) Act with humility and be open to receiving knowledge or guidance from your Self/Higher Consciousness/I AM. Even when the task at hand becomes difficult, try to not allow negative feelings to over-ride you – they may be feelings of frustration, anger, and jealousy.

D) Work is worship literally in Karma Yoga – and it is best to do so with your best foot forward. The aim is to do the work using skill, talent, and with a 100% effort.

E) Nishkarma yoga also talks about doing work or services for the benefit of others – again without having a selfish motive. The action should not be driven by what you want/desire but seen for the benefit of the collective. This can be literally as volunteer work for the betterment of society or if you are a company leader choosing the option for the welfare of all in the team, not just your gain. Again, here service is given with integrity so in this aspect your Dharma or duty also matters. Serve others with selfless devotion.

Keep the above as a predominant thought in your mind through your life. This will help to prevent bad karma, increase your own spiritual footprint, in addition to positively imp

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