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Different names of Lord Krishna

Vedic Synergy focuses on Ayurvedic Wellness and Spiritual healing and during our Advanced course we do expose our clients to concepts, and mantras from the Vedic texts (e.g. Bhagavad Gita)

During one of these sessions, one of my clients wanted clarity on a name in a chant which was but another name of Lord Krishna. On explaining this to him, he suggested that it would be good to know/understand the different ways how we refer to Lord Krishna. In keeping with this request, I have shown below some of the more common names used for Lord Krishna and the meaning of these names.

Krishna is respectfully also known as:

  • Acyuta – Never failing

  • Ajaya – Unconquerable

  • Ananta – Infinite

  • Damodara – Self-restrained

  • Devesh – Lord of the Gods

  • Devakinandan – darling of Devaki

  • Gopinath – Lord of the Gopis

  • Govardhan – Govardhan on his little finger

  • Govinda – Lord of the Cowherds

  • Hari – Savior of devotees

  • Jagadish – Universally Supreme

  • Keshava – Long haired

  • Krishna – Dark complexioned

  • Madhava – Supreme Bliss

  • Mukunda – Liberator

  • Narayana – Divine Absolute

  • Purushottam – Highest Being

  • Sachchidanana – Endless Bliss

  • Sridhar – Supreme Lord

  • Vasudeva – Lord Supreme devoid of illusions

  • Yogeshwara – Lord of the Yogas

  • Yogini – Lover of Yogas

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