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Intuition, Life Purpose, and Spirituality


Intuition has been described as sudden answers that we receive or an internal knowing that we have and can tap. It is a direct, internal knowing without having to think it through. This is the opposite of logical thinking. It has been called sixth sense, gut feel, a knowing, hunch, and visual flashes. For some, intuition can be very physical – goosebumps, a pit in the stomach, and a rush of energy.

There are different times when intuition kicks in for different people – it could be before a crisis situation, telling the person what to do, another could be when deciding on who would make the right personal partner for marriage or the correct professional partner for a business venture, and a third example could be on whether to buy a particular home.

Your intuition will guide you if you are open to understanding the energy messages that you receive either physically or mentally. Pay attention to the feelings of dread or calm/comfort prior to making the choice/decision.

Everyone can tap into their intuition, so long as they do not mix it up with their thoughts of fear. It is a skill that can be developed and leaned on to guide us during our daily lives.

Life Purpose:

Your life purpose is the central motivating aim in your life – that aim that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you going throughout the day. Your life purpose influences your day-to-day decisions, goals, sense of direction, and affects your behavior. There are different ways in which people find a connection to their life purpose – some from taking care of their family and others through their work.

There are many who are leading their lives in a robotic fashion of getting up in the morning, going to exercise, then a full day of work, home to make dinner for the family and once the chores are done, they head to bed. They are so tied up with their responsibilities that they do not ask themselves questions like “who am I?”, “why am I here?”, “am I fulfilled and joyous?”

It is when we ask ourselves such questions and open to connecting with something higher to get the appropriate answers we are then able to get a clear understanding of our purpose and what would truly make us joyous. Often this questioning arises when we are in transition or dealing with a crisis situation or are desperate to re-frame our existence on a daily basis.

In exploring ourselves, we are able to find our unique gifts and skills which can be used to make a positive contribution to the world or just our own circle of family and friends.


Spirituality is a perception – it is connecting with the Divine through your own personal experience. It is a connection to something bigger than us.

Some turn to this notion of spirituality to find more meaning in life, some to deal with relationship issues, and others when they find they have reached a low level in all aspects of their life which has caused much pain and hurt.

The spiritual dimension is to be in sync with Higher Consciousness/the Divine/Universe especially when a person feels emotional or psychological stress, physical illness or a deep unhappiness. It is when they are feeling completely lost.

Whatever the reason to seek out the spiritual way of life or spiritual healing – it results in deep sense of aliveness and being connected.

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