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Tantra trusts in you!

Tantra has trust in you – but how?

Tantra trusts your body, senses, and energy. Tantra does not deny anything but transforms everything. This is accomplished by making you turn inwards, then outwards, and most importantly beyond so you merge into the I AM.

In Tantra, first you are the body which is a temple of God. Whenever you are against your body, you go against God and so should not be disrespected. Tantra is also pure love – that kind of love that will become a healing energy for another and allow the other to have both internal and emotional maturity growth – the internal growth also means – remembering that all are spiritual beings and enables them to live as one. Give generously and do not wait for anything in return – that would not be unconditional loving/giving. Tantra is a science where you can transform your own energy centers and the other’s to bring about a harmony between the two of you. You must give love to the other person realizing that their body is also a temple of God and thereby should be viewed as being on an equal footing with you – both divine – that of a God/Goddess!

In Tantra you can flow with life and there is no struggle/fight. Surrendering is an important concept here as Tantra is the path of surrender and the path of transcendence. It is in having the patience for choiceless or easy witnessing and to flow with the current rather than against it. Given that Tantra considers the body sacred, it is then also logical that sex is not to be used only for fun and procreation, but also as a creative force (a woman’s body is that of a creative vehicle as she gives birth to the next generation). However, sex is only a part of Tantra – it is more than that – a technique/discipline. Ultimately, it is in self-experience that we can find bliss.

Tantra as a technique allows you to have both simultaneously – the spiritual and material gains – however both must be received with much awareness and insight. Self-responsibility is key and a guru is needed to ascend in this practice. If there is interest to start, you can do so with understanding the following:

  • So Ham – breathing technique and mantra

  • Aham Brahasmi - means: I am an extension of the Universe

  • Sat Chit Ananda – means: truth, bliss, consciousness

  • Namah Shivaya – means: Infinite higher consciousness is within me

  • Om Mani Padme Ham – means: Hail to the jewel in the Lotus

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