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What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing helps you to move from your ego ridden self to your authentic self by connecting with Paramatma or Higher Consciousness. In the long-term the more you move towards your I AM (Higher Self) you take a step closer to enlightenment. Enlightenment allows you to stop worrying and find meaningful co-incidences or responses to your needs like “magic”

Spiritual healing is not an immediate switch effect but a gradual process. It starts with looking at your current or what each person considers their “real self” and explores:

a) Beliefs or attachments that one is holding onto, especially those that are not productive

b) What is holding you back or causing unhappiness and pain– a past relationship, fear of failure or rejection, general fears and lack of confidence, childhood issues, or work that does not make you happy

c) If you are ready to learn, become aware, and listen to your inner truth

d) Your initiative to be more balanced – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so you can surrender to the flow of life instead of trying to control everything.

e) What you really want to offer to the world as each of us possess special, unique gifts?

f) What do you really need to feel more joyful or fulfilled?

g) Raising your energy vibration to a higher level where one is mindful and empowered by love

h) How you can connect with others with a higher feeling of empathy, understanding, and kindness – authentic true connections rather than having a superficial or fake interaction?

At Vedic Synergy, we act as the signpost or channel between yourself and Paramatma, which in turn, allows us to be part of your wellness journey and raise human consciousness.

Thank you for choosing us and the honor of being part of your spiritual growth experience.


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