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Suggestions to raise our higher vibrations during the COVID-19 pandemic

On a global level, we are all going through a difficult pandemic that is causing much distress. This pandemic has affected us in different aspects of our lives causing panic and fear. As a collective as this negative energy rises, it weakens the collective soul energy. It would be preferable instead to use different relaxation techniques become calm and grounded.

In addition to the guidance provided by governments/health agencies like washing your hands for 20 seconds, social distancing, covering your mouth with a bandana, and coughing or sneezing into the arm to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

In order to raise the positive, collective vibrations that would strengthen soul energies, some suggestions are below:

  1. Focus on mediation, yoga and relaxation techniques – find joy and comfort inyour lives. Find meaning in your life

  2. Be thankful and have gratitude for all that you have in your lifeLove yourself and others

  3. Be kind and generous to others – give them a listening ear.

  4. Be mindful and respectful

  5. It would be easy to blame or get angry with others during such hard circumstances. Watch your thoughts, actions, and words

  6. Do not create negative karma for yourself or tag yourself in someone else's drama or negativity.

  7. Have a higher awareness of yourself and others – recognize the divine in them

  8. Ananda or bliss lies at the heart of creation

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