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What can we learn from the energy transits during this pandemic period?

Saturn moved into Aquarius on March 31, 2020 and will remain until early July of this year. This COVID-19 pandemic has brought life to a more restricted pace of life. We are all living a new normal. This time where we are all trying to lead our lives from home, has also provided us the opportunity to self-reflect.

Given that we are in the age of Aquarius we are being shown some interesting insights by the Universe during this pandemic period. The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately not kept any segregation of any age, color or geographical boundaries where the affected cases are concerned. We are all the same during this pandemic. This coincides with the principle of equality that the Aquarius age propounds.

We are all more or less forced to be indoors. Due to this factories and workplaces are closed. The pollution levels across the globe have declined, resulting in Mother Earth repairing herself. We notice this impact in clear blue skies, cleaner rivers and canals, and nature blooming. Mother Earth is continuing her journey of rejuvenation while we are all in lock down.

What we are being taught is that Mother Earth and nature do not really need one specifies – human beings. They can still continue with the process of evolution and nature’s cycle does not end. As advised by Ayurveda, we can all learn from nature. This is what we all can learn from nature now and learn to have more respect for nature and other living creatures once this pandemic is over. We all also need to re-evaluate on how we want to live in the future – can we all have more respect for the earth and each other?

The confusion and lack of medical supplies for the common man, is also indicative of the fact that in the coming years we need to focus on improving the medical facilities to cater to all people – even those who are not wealthy. Along with this, we need to ensure that basics – food, water and accommodation are available for all. In short, not only are tangle steps needed, but also more compassion and kindness for those who have less in the world.

On a personal level, the self-reflection time given to us as a privilege, can be used to determine what our highest desires are, how can we offer our best selves for the benefit of others? We are all being called upon to bring change in the world and we need to find our strengths and how we can offer our skills to making this world a better place.

We all will be making some personal shifts in our lives in keeping with our internal guidance or I AM if we can heal and be open to change. This pandemic is an opportunity that is being presented by the Universe rather than a punishment !

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