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Feminine Energy

This article came to my mind in direct response to queries being made by a couple of my clients who asked how they can increase their feminine energy. Below are some pointers and thoughts on this topic:

a) Sensuality – Try to become more open and vulnerable. Explore yourself and your body in private and try to become comfortable with it. Touch, feel, hear, see, and experience yourself in each moment. As you fall in love with your own curves, you will feel more connected to your own sensuality. This is a very helpful tool for women who are trying to lose weight as often when a woman is overweight she does not see her own body in a good light. Becoming friends with your body will transform you into recognizing yourself as a sensual woman.

b) Often we are hiding our true selves and cannot see our authentic self. When we align to our higher selves, we are internally inspired to transform ourselves including reconnecting with our sensuality.

c) Feminine energy is about feeling, receiving, intuiting, expressing and just being. You realize as you stay in this flow that you cannot control anyone that creates a lot of tension. Express this feminine energy through your words, feelings, emotions, body language to create a spirit of understanding, loving vibe along with being open to your own vulnerability.

d) It is when you connect to your internal source you change internally and move towards a more fulfilling life. Go with the flow and lose the control created by your ego. This will enable you to relax more and love yourself allowing you to move more into your feminine energy.

e) Lastly, connect to the aspect that you love about being a woman which will soon become your inspirational power source. This connects you more to the feminine, the sensual, and takes you down the path to exploring your sexuality. Stay in your power, be in charge of yourself, and you will attract love, support, and that which is the best for your life. Understand that you are Shakti - Goddess energy!

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