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Higher/Dharmic Purpose

This morning I was speaking with an old client who has in the past year made such a wonderful change in their life – they were able to find their life purpose that resonates with their heart. Even when I met this person, I found that their focus was on spiritual growth.

One of his concerns was finding out his purpose in his life and now he has come full circle with the guidance from Paramatma and found his calling and dharmic direction.

Let us take another example, sometimes we are not aware of our dharmic purpose but we also execute that on our untimely demise as was in the case of George Floyd. During the peak of the Covid restrictions in 2020, we saw the intense emotions like anger on the unfairness that was meted out to George Floyd, which gave rise to a cry for justice and a change in mindset to understand that ‘Black Lives Matter’ both in the US and internationally across the globe. Conversations around archaic notions of racism was discussed and opposed, which seems so valid in this Age of Aquarius that we are currently in which brings out hidden truths to create a new world order based on fairness, justice, equality, and love. Coming back to George Floyd, in his death he performed his dharmic purpose which was to awaken humanity to move towards a higher, more positive vibration.

The Bhagavad Gita has explained that humans are different from other living beings as we have higher intelligence which is to live our lives in accordance with our Dharma and moving to our I AM/Higher Self. Each one of us has been granted some strengths or skills that when we connect with our I AM we are able to discover or re-confirm. That which requires some effort but does not seem a struggle to manifest is it is aligned to our soul purpose of Dharmic purpose in life. We have often heard the saying that when you enjoy what you do, then it does not seem like work. That is true when we are involved in implementing and aligning to our higher purpose or dharmic purpose in life.

To find this, look at what you really enjoy doing, what is natural for you from childhood, what is it that people react to positively in your interactions/activities – they will act as guiding lights into what your real purpose in life is meant to be.



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