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Joyful Living

Joyful Living means living life with, - Non-diminishing happiness - Undisturbed peace, calmness, serenity and internal quietness - Everlasting security - Complete satisfaction, sense of fulfillment and contentment - Full of love, kindness, compassion and affection - Total acceptance of all the events and behavior of everyone

It also means living without ever - Getting angry, upset or frustrated - Harboring vengeance, disgust or suspicion - Feeling jealous, hatred, animosity or irritation - Being affected by boredom, loneliness or separation - Fearing, worrying or having anxiety - Having guilty consciousness, shame, self-pity or sorrow for others - Being stressed out with tension - Having pressure to perform or feeling inadequate

Source and Credit provided to : Dvaitha Viveka Prakaranam of Panchadashi


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