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Mental Health and Ayurvedic Wellness

Mental Health is the rising epidemic in the current times and one of the causes for this is stress. It is true that many people have managed to remain safe even during the most difficult stages of the CoVid Pandemic in the past two years and are grateful for the same. However, the restriction created by the pandemic has aggravated mental health issues where stress, anxiety and loneliness have in some cases led to depression. The Pandemic has definitely re-defined how we live our lives, where reduced in-person, social interaction has raised the feeling of alienation which has caused more pressure mentally.

In general in terms of mental health, the statistics are concerning:

· 1 out of 4 are affected by mental health issues

· The global cost for mental health problems is 2.5 trillion dollars.

· Mental health issues -- the no. 1 reason for lost productivity and no. 2 for absenteeism in the corporate world.

In order to counteract the negative effects of mental health, Ayurvedic Wellness is a wonderfully heathly option using:

· Meditation – Take the resolution to make the time for at least 10 minutes in the day for meditation. You can choose between the silent Vedic meditation or a guided meditation or an OM meditation. This will help to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, bring your brain into focus, and as you connect with your I AM, you will find yourself moving towards the positive, high vibrations of the Universe. While doing meditation, you may choose to do it while laying down which will allow your body to be relaxed, but the mind may remain alert.

· Mantras and Bhajans – At a time when people are struggling to find positivity during a difficult world crisis, the high vibration of bhajans and mantras will hold you steady, grounded, and joyful. One of the most beautiful mantras to open up your heart and raise both love and consciousness levels increasing your self-love is:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

· Mindfulness – Do each action in the day with a focus on mindfulness. It could be as simply as cooking a meal at home for the family. Do it with complete absorption/mindfulness which will not only allow the cooked meal to be delicious and tasty due to the love invested during the preparation process.

· Awareness --- Allow yourself to relax in your heart and observe your feelings. You will notice that the negative energies will change to hope – love – compassion and joy.

The above methods are some ways to overcome the loneliness, worry, fear, and for some a deep feeling of loss caused by mental health difficulties.


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