I reached out to Vishnupriya/Vedic Synergy at a time when stress levels were high due to work/other reasons leading to a negative impact on my health and overall well-being. Vishnupriya got to the root of the matter and provided appropriate suggestions for changes in my diet and nutritional needs to improve my health from an Ayurvedic standpoint based on my specific constitution. What was more amazing were the healing services provided to put me on the path to have a good spiritual practice resulting in reduced stress and more joy on a day-to-day basis. Along with this, her spiritual healing advice was spot on and help me to overcome a long-held issue that I was dealing with. All through the process, Vishnupriya was kind, non-judgmental yet focused in her interactions, which made me feel comfortable as this was the first time I had ventured into any kind of healing therapy. I strongly recommend Vedic Synergy for those looking to reduce stress and tension in their lives, especially men.          --------------- Yakov S., NY                                                                                                                                 

I was going through some health issues for which I wanted to take a holistic approach on. I reached out to Vishnupriya for help. She immediately responded to me with a form to determine my Ayurvedic Constitution that we went over and she explained in detailed. She then recommended a diet and herbs based on dosha. She followed up with me a week later. I'm currently going through my healing and feeling much better.I would recommend Vishnupriya/Vedic Synergy for your Ayurvedic healing.                                                                                            -------------- Ilda C., NY

I heard about Vedic Synergy from a friend who had attended their meditation circle on 84th Street and decided to avail of their Spiritual Healing coaching services as I was very anxious and stressed due to an personal issue. During the coaching sessions, Priya helped me re-align my Chakras and supported me to release entrenched imbalances that I had been subconsciously holding onto for some time. She also gave me a Reiki healing and I felt like my entire body had connected to a higher energy. The entire experience was transformational to me as it brought me peace and calm right away. I learnt a lot during the process and found myself being more positive than before. I am glad that my friend suggested this, although I was hesitant in the beginning to try a different option.I am thankful to Priya and recommend Vedic Synergy for all those looking for healing from someone who has much empathy and compassion                                                                                                                                                        -------------- Agnus S., NY

Working with Priya was a cleansing process with hard reflection work throughout the winter, and resulted in clarity and calm as the spring arrived.  She listens well and has a keen ability to remember details of one's life story in order to reference them at later times for the sake of making important connections.  She is flexible to work with and always warm and inviting.  Thank you Priya                                                                                ------------- Hillary A., CA   

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