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Personal Client Testimonials

Priya is the best counselor I have ever visited. I called her because I wanted to learn more about Ayurvedic nutrition but quickly realized how much more valuable Priya is than giving recipes for your body type (dosha). She helped me see for myself what insecurities and traumas I had been holding onto from childhood and how that's been influencing my current decisions and the views I had about myself that I did not realize. She has helped me help myself in ways I never could have imagined and I can truly say I'm a much better, more confident, loving version of myself. I'm in awe of how in tune I am with my mind, body and soul after 6 months with Priya. I can't name anything or anyone else that comes close to the work she does. I'm done my work with her and that's the beauty of her service - she helps you help yourself and has an end time for your work together. B/c if you're seeing a therapist for years and years - chances are it's not doing much for you. I also just completed the Advanced Spiritual Healing course with Priya and it really helped me to go forward in my spiritual growth, after her first course helped me to deal with my past. Everything I learnt helped me grow into a stronger self-loving person able to see a much fuller picture of myself and my life. I'm so excited for everyday of my life and all the beauty and love that is around us all, if we just choose to see and embrace it. If you feel there's always been something lacking & you want more out of life or you need help to resolve unresolved issues in your life, Vedic Synergy is for you.                                                                                                                      --------------- Jacquelyn S., LA. 

I found Vedic Synergy through a friend with whom I'd recently reconnected. It came to me at a time in my life when I really needed to find some kind of guidance and plan to get me out of a bad, emotional space. I am naturally a skeptic but I felt drawn to Vishnupriya after just a single, 10 minute call. I reluctantly signed up for a package of sessions thinking that even if it doesn't help, it couldn't hurt. The ride I've been on since has been quite amazing. Her practice has shown me so many things I couldn't see on my own and she's helped me overcome so much. I'm in such a better place now- emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even professionally. My journey isn't finished, but I now have the tools to create the life I want and deserve. Between the meditations I've learned, the Ayurvedic changes I've made and the spiritual connection and alignment I now feel, I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. Her practice includes so many techniques to help those who seek her to find a connection to their higher selves. So far I've experienced emotional detox, Reiki, Chakra evaluation and balancing, meditation, chart evaluation and so much more. My world has changed and continues to change daily, since I've learned the practices Vishnupriya has shown me. I am certain the universe sent me this gift at exactly the time in my life that I needed it. If you're reading this, maybe the universe is sending it to you, too.  Update:    I just wanted to share a quick update to my last review. My family became ill with COVID-19 (especially my husband) last month. It was a scary and difficult time for me, especially as I became the caretaker for everyone while I, myself was unwell. I have to say, it was the training and counseling I received with Vishnupriya that prepared and helped me through one of the toughest situations of my adult life. I am a different person now and my gratitude is beyond words.                                                                ------------------------- Jennifer Z., NY.

Vishnupriya Thacker is an outstanding Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counselor. With a long career in the corporate world, and a unique sensitivity to the stresses that working professionals experience, she brings a lifetime of education, experience, as well as open-hearted Holistic sensibility to the masses. She is the bridge from corporate to the holistic wellness. Her knowledge and foresight would help save companies millions in preventative care. Personally, she is my "go to" for supervising my client's Ayurveda nutritional needs. Her empathy, humor, brilliance and enthusiasm touch everyone who is fortunate to know her or have learned from her. I highly recommend Vishnupriya for any individual, group or corporation wanting a new paradigm approach to health and wellness care for their employees.          ------------------------ Joy A., NY.

Vedic Synergy has been a powerful catalyst into diving deeper on many levels of my being. Priya has been extremely instrumental in uncovering many unaddressed emotional and psychological resistances that I was holding onto for a long time. I've been meditating and following my spiritual path for a while, but things were catapulted to the next level with Priya. I'm so grateful to have been led to her presence and practice which has greatly assisted in finding more clarity on my life. Thank you Priya for being such a beautiful guide and conduit of the Divine. I highly recommend anyone who is called and ready to understand their unique and individual constitution, psychological and emotional makeup. Priya will be the perfect guide for you!!!                                                                                          ------------------- Max E., NY.

Vishnupriya is a kind and loving person. I saw her for about three months, after which I felt more balanced in my life. Our first session began with an evaluation of my dosha so she could better understand how to treat me. She also spent time interviewing me and understanding what issues I was bringing to the table. Through the sessions, she has greatly helped my meditation practice, as well as provided information on health and nutrition. Vishnupriya is a fountain of information. I learned so much from our sessions, and she helps me integrate the knowledge into my life in a kind way. She has helped me with both phsyical health and spiritual issues. I would recommend her to anyone looking for healing through Ayurveda and ready to make a real change in their lives.                                     ------------------ Hannah P., NY.


I met Vishnupriya three months ago and immediately felt like she was someone I could trust and confide in.  She listened to my concerns, and gave me insightful advise on what she thought could help with the situation I was dealing with.  She is extremely perceptive, supportive, warm, non-judgmental, yet also a very direct and focused practitioner. I felt better just knowing I had someone spiritual like her on my side.  I would highly recommend Vishnupriya Thacker and Vedic Synergy Inc.                                                                                                               -------------------- Sue C., NY.


I was referred to Priya and Vedic Synergy through a friend in early 2020, before the pandemic hit. I have been through years of traditional therapy and just felt I needed something more and finally decided to take my friends advice and reach out to Priya. I didn't know much about the Ayurveda practice and I'm still learning. What I do know is that meeting Priya has changed my life. I suffer from anxiety, I don't know how to relax, I'm hard on myself just to name a few and well then you throw in a pandemic and it could have been very easy to just fall apart this year. I really feel I met Priya at the perfect time. From our very first session, Priya was able to get me to dig deep and talk about a subject that is very difficult for me.  We had a breakthrough that years of therapy never provided for me. From there we moved on to family, career, relationships and interestingly enough ME, a person I don't speak of often. How interesting, right? I also learned about doshas, chakras and started a meditation practice. I would never have thought I had time for this before meeting Priya and now it's part of my daily routine. Priya is non-judgmental, compassionate and one of the kindest women I have ever met. I highly recommended investing the time in yourself to work with her. The benefits have helped me greatly, especially during these trying days.                                                                                                    -------------------- Andrea, B., NJ.

I met Priya three years ago through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She is a heart- and soul-centered individual who, with an empathic and systematic approach, serves her clients in the ancient tradition of Vedic practices to help them achieve their best life emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I highly recommend working with her and Vedic Synergy.                                                                                                                                      ----------------- Jennifer B., CA.

I met with Vishnupriya for a number of weeks for Ayurvedic Counseling -- her advice was spot on! As a yoga teacher who has knowledge of the Ayurvedic principles, I recognized quite quickly that Vishnupriya is the real deal. Having been born in India, in addition to being saturated in the holistic Ayurvedic nutritional practice and being instrinsically spiritual, she is a virtual encyclopedic and inspirational source. Her counseling approach gets right to the heart of the issue and what I needed to know most to maintain my healthy lifestyle quest.                                             -------------- Deborah C., NY.  


I was lucky enough to be introduced to Vishnupriya through a friend. Over the course of several weeks, Vishnupriya and spent hours together discussing many my health, habits, feelings, nutrition and chakras. It became quite evident to me how interconnected the body is. I was very glad that I decided to devote my time and energy focusing on improving my overall health through nutrition. Vishnupriya really helped to tie it all together by good recommendations on how to accomplish this. I am thankful to have met her and would highly recommend Vishnupriya’s Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counseling services.                                                                                                       ----------------- Elaine H., NY.


I was very lucky to have found Vedic Synergy on Yelp and found my sessions on Spiritual healing and Ayurvedic wellness insightful. The focus was on Chakra Evaluation and Balancing where Vishnupriya was aptly able to find the imbalances in the relevant chakras and through spiritual healing and the use of crystals bring them back to balance. All through the sessions, I found her demeanor to be that kindness and compassion along with a strong knowledge in different  healing modalities. At the end of my sessions, I found myself to feel lighter and more joyful. I strongly recommend Vedic Synergy and all their services for those looking to heal from the inside out and live a more aligned life. Thank you Vishnupriya for all your guidance and care                                                                                                ---------------- Hana A., NY.


Vishnupriya is a genuinely loving and caring individual. She is very grounded and confident in her wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge. As a licensed Massage therapist and Shiatsu professional, certified in the care of pregnant women, I am always looking for practitioners who can help serve my clients beyond the art of healing touch. I strongly recommend Vishnupriya as a spiritual and Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counselor without reservation.         --------------- Pamela O., NY.                

I was at a cross-road in my professional life when I reached out to Vedic Synergy and felt very unhappy and worried. Priya was able to guide me with my main career related issue and helped me create a new vision for what I really wanted to do. She also understood my wellness concerns (I was completely exhausted), did my dosha analysis, and provided recommendations for my constitution. I was able to re-establish my meditation practice with her support and learn more about higher spiritual approaches. If I had questions, she patiently provided the answers with examples, which was insightful. She truly has a lot of information and knowledge. On a more logistical level - Priya was accommodating even if I reached 10 minutes late or needed to see her again in the week at short notice. I appreciated her flexibility as I was going through a stressful and hectic period at work. I always found her to be giving, non-judgmental, and caring. There are no words to describe just how beneficial my experience has been with Vedic Synergy and definitely recommend it!                                                                                                                                         ------------------ Ester J., NY.

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