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Vedic Synergy specializes in Ayurveda (Nutrition, Wellness) and Spiritual Healing modalities. 

For Clients/Potential Clients:

If you are interested in our services, need more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, please be in touch. You can contact me via phone, email or by filling out the contact form. 

We do not offer any Ayurvedic Massage services or prescribe any medication. We are not medical doctors or licensed therapists/psychologist/psychiatrists and do not therefore make any such representation during our Ayurvedic Wellness and Spiritual Healing sessions/programs.

Please Note:
If you make an election to cancel/discontinue after the start of your coaching program, please be advised that you will not receive a refund for any of the remaining sessions. This is in effect from September 1, 2019. Thank you. 

For Media:

For press, speaking engagements, podcast invitations, business collaborations, please submit your inquiry in the contact form here. 

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and Namaste.

Vedic Synergy, Inc. 

Tel: 917-774-4667


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