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Upper East Side 

New York, New York.

E: vedicsynergy@gmail.com

Tel: 917-774-4667

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        Ayurveda --U

Nutrition,Wellness, and Spiritual Healing

If you are interested in finding holistic, natural, spiritually guided solutions for your overall wellness – you have come to the right place!

Vedic Synergy which is based in New York city focuses on Ayurvedic Nutrition, Wellness, and Spiritual Healing Coaching -- taking into consideration a holistic view of health and lifestyle based on bio-individuality.


Ayurveda is an intricate system of healing that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. It is a science of life. We are all part and parcel of nature and just as other creatures live in harmony with nature, so we too can follow the Laws of Nature to create heath, balance within our beings and to bring the individual back into equilibrium with their true selves. 'Ayu' means life and 'Veda' means knowledge. 


Ayurveda explains that everything in the Universe, including our bodies, radiates a unique energy pattern or aura. Imbalances in our energy bodies get manifested into our visible physical bodies. It is through the removal of blockages in the energy body, reduction of stress, spiritual healing, increasing the right nutrients, spices/herbs, and harmonizing the energy vibrations within one’s body that a healthy state can be re-established.

Let the synergy between the ancient and modern, the fusion between Ayurveda and western nutritional principles, the interaction between East and West, the balance between the mind, body, soul and most importantly, the intrinsic connection between the Individual (You) and the Universe (Parmatma) pervade, in order to facilitate a transformation to an exceptional You!

Our services offerings use the wisdom of the ancients (Ayurveda and Spirituality) to help you find the right lifestyle based on your specific Dosha (constitution). We offer an initial 20 minute phone consultation to understand your needs which allows us to suggest the appropriate package for you or create a customized package to fit your unique requirements.

Our mission is to use Ayurveda and Spiritual healing techniques to facilitate a complete mind-body-transformation and support you on the most important journey of your life – to finding your Highest Self or “I AM”. This results in a total revitalization of your life to one which is full of joy and in sync with your higher life purpose (Dharma).

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurvedic Wellness


Chakra Energy Balancing

General and Vedic Spiritual Healing

Violet Flame Healing

Crystal Therapy



Pranic Healing 

Emotional Freedom Technique​

In the present time, we live our lives by the clock where every activity becomes a goal to be achieved in order to feel productive. It is by living in this manner that we may force issues, fall into survival mode, and tend to struggle against the Universal flow. This intensifies exhaustion, anger, loneliness, restlessness, weight gain, and ill-health.


How can the above situation be changed?


The answer is Sensual Living.