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A Spiritual Skeptic!


Early this year I had the pleasure of meeting Brian - an engineer by profession who is brilliant when he is in front of computer servers to get all the networks secure. Brian always has and does rely on his reasoning and logical faculties to do anything in life. He considered his rational mind to be an asset which it was to get logical system problems resolved. However, in other aspects of life, he found himself to be struggling.

The biggest issue that he had was that he knew that somewhere within him he was driven to create something new – a meaningful device or system for the benefit of humanity. But the big idea never came to him making him feel extremely frustrated and tired of life.

The above situation made him question everything that he was doing and in this state he found Vedic Synergy. It was a difficult start for both Brian and myself as his mind had become the greatest obstacle in his spiritual path – sadly the asset on which he relied was causing the roadblocks. He analyzed every guideline and could not stop the chatter in his mind – he was the quintessential Spiritual Skeptic!

We were determined to press on and soon he was able to attend a session without fighting the process. Our spiritual healing process began with the explicit aim to take him on his most important journey – the journey to his Highest Self or I AM.

In due course of time, Brian learnt to trust and as he allowed his mind to be controlled, he was able to allow himself to start listening to his inner being – to his highest Self- his optimum guiding light. The Spiritual healing journey ultimately resulted in allowing him access to his creativity and a passion to create, to invent, and to start experiencing joy!

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